San Fransisco, USA

15 July 2018

“Sylvain makes it fun and easy to learn! He has real world experience and really knows what he’s talking about. Would love to paint around Berlin with him! All ages will love.


Seeheim Jugendheim, Germany

13 July 2018

“It was a great experience for my children at the Graffiti workshop with Sylvain. They liked it very much.”


Glasgow, UK

7 July 2018

Took daughter and decided to try it myself. Sylvian gave very simple instructions on how to start. Made clear that it is fun and not difficult. We both enjoyed very much. Would recommend for all ages and artistic levels .

Shing Hin

Hong Kong

7 July 2018

“Cool!!!! It is a very nice experience and Sylvain is a really nice guy”


Puhket, Thailand

7 July 2018



New Dehli, India

6 July 2018

“For anyone wanting to do something interesting in Berlin, a graffiti session with Sylvian is a must. What a great experience me and my boyfriend had with him. It was a small bunch of us and it was great how he took us through the basics of graffiti and what it means to him and to individuals. Most wonderful things that we did in Berlin. Thanks again Slyvian. Hope we meet again.”


College station, USA

30 June 2018

“It was a lot of fun! Also quite informative. All three of us loved it and came back to paint another day with friends. Sweet!”


Colorado Springs, USA

23 June 2018

Very great experience, Sylvain clearly loves graffiti and is very skilled at both creating it and teaching others to create it


Berlin,. Germany

23 June 2018

Great experience, Sylvain is a really good teacher! I went there with my 12 year old brother and Sylvain also helped him paint a really good graffiti. Great for beginners, you will get a beautiful picture even if you are usually not that good at painting”


New York, USA

22 June 2018

The experience of doing a grafiti pretty much takes away every misconception about how hard is to make a grafiti!! Sylvain explains you the basics and you are good to go! I had a tremendous satisfaction with my work and also with the experience, I could not recommend it to you more! Really it was like a dream come true that I even didn’t know I had. Hope this review helps and what are you even waiting for, just schedule that grafiti experience right now!!”


Santiago, Chili

16 June 2018

The experience of doing a grafiti pretty much takes away every misconception about how hard is to make a grafiti!! Sylvain explains you the basics and you are good to go! I had a tremendous satisfaction with my work and also with the experience, I could not recommend it to you more! Really it was like a dream come true that I even didn’t know I had. Hope this review helps and what are you even waiting for, just schedule that grafiti experience right now!!”


Amsterdam, Netherlands

16 June 2018

We had a great time! Sylvain gives great advice on how to improve your sketch or add details to your work, just listen to him and you will have an awesome piece by the end. I think everyone’s turned out great even compared to the rest of the pros working around us on the same wall! A super unique experience that I would highly recommend 🙂


Las Vegas, USA

10 June 2018

” Great first experience!


London, UK

9 June 2018

” We really enjoyed this class. It was simple and great fun. Sylvain is very friendly and helpful. We sketched out our own ideas and then go painting! Great idea for something fun and different to do in Berlin.


San Fransisco, USA

9 June 2018

” This was a super fun experience and Sylvain was very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in graffiti.


Bangkok, Thaïland

8 June 2018

Anyone who wants to experience a creative and fun activity, you definitely have to try this! Sylvian is a very nice guy who can make graffiti simple for you. With the fundamental knowledge and some tips and techniques from a well-versed graffiti artist like him, you’ll understand and love graffiti even more. You don’t need to have any experience about graffiti, just bring your imagination and give it a go, and let Sylvian will guide you! Whoever is dreaming about having his own first graffiti in Berlin? This is the chance! I’m sure once you’ve done the first graffiti, you’ll want to do more! Thanks Sylvian for this cool activity!


Powell, Ohio

2 June 2018

” Sylvain was very kind and helpful when teaching his students . My children really enjoyed this class and his instruction.


New-York USA

1 June 2018

Had a great time learning how to make my own graffiti art and experimenting with it! Sylvain was helpful and patient in teaching us. This is a hands-on activity, not so much for sight-seeing but doing! I would highly recommend it.”


Los Angeles, USA

26 Mai 2018

Sylvain did a great job of explaining how it works, but you gotta bring your own creativity to make it the most worthwhile. With all the graffiti in Berlin, this is a must do to really respect how difficult it is.”


Sydney, Australia

26 Mai 2018

Sylvain was very helpful in showing us the basics for spray painting and we had a very good time.


Reading UK

26 Mai 2018

Great morning, really enjoyed this workshop!”


Claygate, UK

26 Mai 2018

We loved our graffiti lesson. Sylvain was a great teacher and we were all surprised that we could create what we did for our first time. We were a family of 4 with 2 teenagers and it was a great activity to do in Berlin.”


Pittsburgh, USA

25 Mai 2018

” We had a fabulous time. Sylvain is a great teacher and the group size was really nice. Well worth the money!!!


Berkeley, USA

13 Mai 2018

” We had a fabulous time. Sylvain is a great teacher and the group size was really nice. Well worth the money!!!


New-York, USA

13 Mai 2018

Great outing!


Oslo, Norway

12 Mai 2018

” The workshop was superfun. You get a walkthrough of the basics in graffiti – and it’s easier than you’d think. Sylvain is friendly and explains everything very nicely. Really cool experience. Would definitely recommend!”


Taichung, Taïwan

6 Mai 2018

It’s cool experience for me!! Sylvain is really nice!


Dijon, France

5 Mai 2018

” Très bonne expérience pour notre fils de 10 ans qui ne rêve que d’une chose maintenant… faire des tag!! Sylvain est charmant, très bonne activité à recommander ! Merci


Cadolzburg, Germany

5 Mai 2018

Tolles Event, nach 2 Stunden hat man ein richtiges Kunstwerk an die Mauer gemalt. Fast schade, dass es bald wieder übermalt wird.


Barcelona, Spain

4 Mai 2018

Super fun! Who wouldn’t want to paint on the Berlin Wall? Great for visitors.


Bâle, Swiss

30 April 2018

Sylvain is a cool guy and gives you great tips!


Helsinki, Finland

30 April 2018

Fun experience! Sylvain is a good host and Mauerpark perfect environment for this workshop; creative and joy!


Chemnitz, Germany

30 April 2018

It was a wonderful and liberating experience. Sylvain is a good teacher, giving tips and suggestions, making sure we are having a good time.


Prag, Check Republic

29 April 2018

It was great. My son really enjoyed. Me also….:)) highly recommend.


Vlissingen, Netherland

28 April 2018

Het was zeker leuk als introductie graffiti spuiten. Goed begeleidt, goede tips, mooie locatie.


Dublin, Ireland

28 April 2018

Really good fun, lots of freedom to try out our own styles. Sylvain was a great guy. I would definitely recommend for something unique and different.


Coventry, UK

21 April 2018

Really good fun, lots of freedom to try out our own styles. Sylvain was a great guy. I would definitely recommend for something unique and different.


Düsseldorf, Germany

21 April 2018

” Faszinierend! “


Nenzing, Austria

14 April 2018

The graffiti-workshop with Sylvain was awesome. First he explained us the basics about graffiti and then you are ready to spray your own graffiti. Sylvain is always there and give you tips, helps you a little bit etc. I‘m a huge fan of Sylvain and I think you should make this one, you won‘t regret it. really nice work Sylvain and see you (hopefully) soon! 😉 “


Berlin, Germany

7 April 2018

“This is definitely a must do workshop in Berlin! Sylvain will guide u with all the basic things. It turned out a bit easier than you thought, but definitely not that easy 🙂 and everyone had such a unique design at the end. The location is in Mauer park, one of the best place to hang out over the weekend in Berlin!”




7 April 2018

“Slyv is a great teacher and really makes this experience an educational experience”



Vienna, Austria

7 April 2018

“Mit wenig Einschulung kamen wir gleich ins Entwerfen unseres Graffitis und mit ein paar Tipps von Sylvain produzierten wir unser erstes Graffiti – ein Geburtstagskarte!”



Konstanz, Germany

7 April 2018

“Really cool experience also for the non-creative folks! Sylvain is super helpful and really good at what he does! Would recommend and do again! :)”



London, UK

1 April 2018

“Great experience!! Finally left my mark in Berlin. Enjoyed spraying on the wall and sharing a laugh with the people there. Sylvain is great and helpful. Also he makes it look so easy. Definitely recommend!!



London, UK

1 April 2018

“Fun experience, Sylvain talked us through the basics as we made our own designs. Lots of colours and supplies to then turn it into the real thing!”



Porrenturz, Switzerland

17 March 2018

“Superbe expérience ! Il est conseillé de faire ceci par beau temps.”



Kilmany, UK

17 March 2018

“Had a good time – it was cool graffitiing for the first time in Berlin! “



Dartford, UK

17 March 2018

“Sylvain was a great host, we had a really interesting talk about the art culture of Berlin and the painting itself was so much fun! “



Lausanne, Switzerland

24 February 2018

“Sylvain est de très bon conseil et vous transmettra tous ces trucs et astuces. Le lieu pour le workshop est très bien choisi.”



London, UK

24 February 2018

Loved graffiting was really a unique experience”



Houston, Texas, USA

24 February 2018

“The tour was a unique and fun way to experience Berlin.”



Hong-Kong. China

17 February 2018

“We had a brilliant time during the graffiti class with Sylvain. Sylvain is a cool guy, very laid back and genuine. He’s there to help and guide you if you need it, otherwise he steps back and allows you to be creative whilst sharing some technical tips. We also met some great people during the class. Would definitely recommend.”



Buenos Aeres, Argentina

17 February 2018

“I have such a great time, it was a new experience to me. I recomended this activity, full of art and fun.



Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

10 February 2018

“Sylvain is a very nice guy. He patiently introduced Graffiti to my friend and I. We had a wonderful time doing our first graffiti in Berlin. “


Chatillon, France

3 February 2018

“Nice moment ! “


Boston, Massachusetts, USA

13 January 2018

“Had an amazing time! You really can’t beat a hands on experience. Sylvain was awesome, super fun.”


London, United Kingdom

13 January 2018

“I learned a lot about graffiti as a culture, what it brings to a city and and a mark of a persons identity. It was a great taster into the culture, not over complicated and fun. Sylvain was really down to earth and easy to talk to.”


Birmingham, United Kingdom

16 December 2017

“Very good!”


New-York, USA

9 December 2017

“You can tell Sylvain lives and breathes graffiti. Most of the class focused on text/name graffiti versus painting style art. I enjoyed it alot.”


Geneva, Switzerland

9 December 2017

“Unfortunately the weather wasn’t really nice when we did the first part in a Café, there Sylvain talked to us about how to write graffiti letters and let us time to think about the design and also to draw it on paper before doing it on the wall. Then we moved to the mall in order to make our « Chef d’œuvres »! We had a lot of colors and enough time to express our creativity! We really had a great experience with Sylvain, which was always happy to take pictures for us.Great great time! Merci Sylvain


Paris, France

2 December 2017

“Super expérience. Sylvain est un excellent professeur. Great experience. Sylvain is an incredible teacher. “


Seoul, South Korea

18 November 2017

“It’s fun. He teached graphity and he is very kind. “


Guildford, United Kingdom

18 November 2017

“This was a brilliant experience, would be great with friends but i went alone and had a blast. Sylvain is very laid back and friendly so you’re sure to enjoy yourself! “


Buenos Aires, Argentina

18 November 2017

“Me encanto la experiencia , fue mi primer grafiti . Sylvain es muy didáctico, repetiría la experiencia sin dudas! Muy recomendable”

Lee Ann

Norman, Oklahoma, USA

4 November 2017

“Super fun and made me way more interested in Graffiti! Sylvain was a good and helpful teacher”

Lee Ann

Copenhagen, Denmark

4 November 2017

“Super fun experience! Small basic introduction, then practice on paper and finally making the graffiti. Sylvain was good in helping with ideas if you got stuck and we were all very proud of our final artwork after 2,5 hours. I highly recommend the activity!”


Washington, District of Columbia, USA

21 October 2017

“Sylvain is easy to get along with and a great teacher. Definitely a great experience in Berlin!”


Beijing, China

14 October 2017

“My first graffity! In Berlin! On the wall! After watching so many great graffity projects in Granada, Amsterdam and Beijing, finally, I decided to change my career in Berlin, haha. Sylvain is quite nice to explain the tips of drawing on wall with his humour. He would give everyone his opinion but still try to keep your personality. I like my project very much, and never expected the three hours passing so quick! If you love art, and would like to try some “illegal”, come!”


Petrópolis, Brazil

23 September 2017

“Good explanations of what graffiti is and how to start doing some on a wall in a park”


Toronto, Canada

23 September 2017

“Great experience in Berlin. Awesome pointers from Sylvain while prepping and painting.”


Krakow, Poland

2 September 2017

“I like to experiment with new experiences. And it’s great if you can find a person who will show you not only technique but also a drive of doing something. Sylvain is definetly a right person. Workshop started with short theoretical introduction, continued with inspirational example of graffiti magic using a single letter. Afterwards we have plenty of time to experiment by ourselves. What was really cool –  when I stuck with ideas and still got a feeling that painting is not complete Sylvain gave advices and showed how to improve. It was great:)  Thanks for this experience. “


Subang Jaya, Malaysia

26 August 2017

“My friend and I decided to do something special in Berlin, and what can be more iconic than graffiti painting. Sylvain was a great teacher. He gave us plenty of tips and tricks before we started designing, which helped us a lot. There were plenty of spray paints and colors that he provided. Throughout the process, he gave plenty of advice on how to make the art better. I really enjoyed the experience! “


Owls Head, Maine, USA

26 August 2017

“Very enjoyable. I’m not an artist or even a house painter but Sylvain had my son and I create a good piece of graffiti. Highly recommend this activity. “


Boston, Massachusetts, USA

19 August 2017

“Sylvain provided some basic instruction at the beginning and showed us some examples, that really helped guide us to creating our own. While creating our graffiti, he provided one-on-one instruction for all of us. I consider myself a Terrible artist, but I was impressed at how well my graffiti turned out! “


Prague, Czech Republic

19 August 2017

“Really amazing experience, it was really nice time in Mauerpark with Sylvain, he was nice, kind and helpful <3 thanks for it!”


Ostfold, Norvège

19 August 2017

“Super fun! “


Tempe, Arizona, USA

5 August 2017

“It was a really good experience. He helped me out with the color contrast to make my painting better. If you are on the fence about it just go out and do it.”


Lyon, France

5 August 2017

“Great experience ! Sylvain shows us the basis very quickly and let’s us practice. He is very nice and relaxed, and he gives us lots of personal advices. Super expérience ! Sylvain nous montre les bases très rapidement avant de nous laisser les mettre en pratique. Il est très sympa et détendu, et nous donne de nombreux conseils personnels. “


Triest, Italy

5 August 2017

“The experience is well organized. Feel free to express your creativity and have fun! “


Turin, Italy

5 August 2017

“This is a MUST! Great experience, a fantastic day, and Sylvain was so nice and he helped a lot all of us. So fun, I totally recommend it. “


Munich, Germany

22 July 2017

“Sylvain ist ein sehr versierter Experte und versteht es den workshop Teilnehmern die essentiellen Fakten zum Aufbau eines Graffitis zu vermitteln. Das zur Verfügung gestellte Material ist erstklassig. Die Umsetzung des eigenen Skribbles an der Wand ist dank seiner Anleitung super. Alles in allem hat dieser Workshop großen Spaß gebracht. Danke “


Agen, France

22 July 2017

” Sylvain est agréable et disponible pour nous aider tout au long de l’exercice. Il fait ses propositions pour aider à créer un graffiti sympas. Il faut bien avoir en tête qu’on parle ici d’un lettrage et non pas d’un dessin. On apprend la base, un mot de 4 ou 5 lettres. “


Västerås, Suède

22 July 2017

” I’ll had a supernice morning. Learned a lot and had much time to pain. Sylvain was great. Thank you!”


Hillerød, Denmark

22 July 2017

” With his clear instructions, genuine attitude and good energy Sylvain took us from basics to our very own piece painted on the wall at Mauerpark. Simply a great experience!”



22 July 2017

” Fun morning creating your own graffiti! “


San Fransico, California, USA

15 July 2017

” This experience was awesome! Within 3 hours, my brother and I had painted our very own graffiti and they looked pretty good considering neither of us have ever been artistic in the slightest. Sylvain did a great job of explaining the different phases of the process. It was also very interesting to hear about the graffiti culture in Berlin and even throughout Europe and the U.S. I now have a higher appreciation for the graffiti I see in the streets. Highly recommend! “



8 July 2017

” Sylvain is very knowledgeable and an awesome host. I had no prior experience with graffiti but Sylvain made it simple to get started whilst keeping the experience fun! “


Sidney, Australia

8 July 2017

” This was such a cool experience! Two words! DO IT! Thank you for the cool morning! ”


Northcote, Australia

8 July 2017

” What a great morning this was. Sylvain is really knowledgeable and super helpful. He got us started then kept teaching more and more as we worked n our pieces so they kept getting more detail. “


Kuwait-city, Kuwait

8 July 2017

” It was a fun workshop for beginners or have an interest in the art. The group activity was fun. I would recommend this.!”