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Graffiti Artists in Berlin

Before we became graffiti artists in Berlin, we've been graffitiing all over the world for over fifteen years, and still play an active role in the buzzing street art and graffiti scene of Berlin. We each developed our own unique style, the way that only Graffiti artists can do on streets, trains, and rooftops.

Graffiti is an illegal activity, a "crime" that is commited in secret. People see graffiti every day, without knowing what lies behind it, some people like it, some do not. Graffiti artists make their own marks on streets, trains, rooftops and present their names to the public, as every other brand does. The more you paint, the more you will be known for. Therefore, you will get more problems with the legal system. But this is the only way, that graffiti artists can call themselves graffiti artists!

Nowadays, graffiti and street art are successful and popular. Many exhibitions, workshops, events, and auctions are taking place all over the world. Loads of graffiti artists have left the underground scene due to their legal activities connected to graffiti. This evolution in regards to graffiti was a very long process. It took around 50 years, until a graffiti workshop like ours, could be possible in Berlin. Allowing us, as graffiti artists in Berlin, to present our culture to the most people possible.

Street Art Artists

The best way of learning something is to try it out for yourself, which is why we do these Workshop graffiti in Berlin.

By giving people the chance to learn more about this subculture, and create their own artworks, we're excited to bring Graffiti and Street art to a new audience, and continue adding to Berlin's unique canvas through our courses and workshops in Berlin.

We've carefully planned out our Graffiti workshop , so that everyone is guaranteed a great time.

We are looking forward, to welcoming you along for the ride. See you soon!