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Nov 27
The Art of Graffiti: A Brief History and Evolution

Explore the history of graffiti, its roots, and how it has evolved as an art form. Discuss iconic graffiti artists and movements. The Art of Graffiti: A Comprehensive Exploration of History and Evolution Graffiti, once dismissed as a mere act of rebellion, has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into a globally recognized and respected art […]

Aug 15
The best graffiti workshop in Berlin

Unleash Your Creativity: Join Our Graffiti Workshop in Berlin Are you captivated by the vibrant art that adorns city walls, expressing a sense of individuality and the pulse of urban life? If you’ve ever wondered about the stories behind those mesmerizing graffiti pieces, we have exciting news for you. Our graffiti workshop in Berlin offers […]

Jan 13
What to do in Berlin today: our graffiti workshop

Hey there and welcome to Berlin! Are you looking for something fun and unique to do during your visit? Look no further than our graffiti workshop, where you can learn about the art and culture of graffiti in Berlin and even create your own piece of street art to take home. If you’re wondering what […]

Jan 11
Unusual things to do in Berlin

Are you looking for an activity in Berlin to do as a couple, with friends, with family or during a team building event for your team? Looking for an unusual activity to do in Berlin? Look no further, we have just what you need: our graffiti workshop on the Berlin Wall, legally of course! A […]

Dec 21
The best idea for a team building event in Berlin, our graffiti workshop

As one of the most attractive cities in Europe for companies and start-ups, Berlin is full of different ideas for team-building events, and different ideas for activities to do together. The offer across the city makes choosing a particular activity quite difficult. How to choose a team-building activity that fits your team, and that will […]

Dec 15
Berlin, secret places

Berlin is the capital of Germany, one of the largest cities in Europe in terms of population and cultural mix, bringing together millions of people from all over the world. It is, without a doubt, one of Europe’s cultural hotspots, brimming with history, and unusual and secret places throughout the city. Berlin, secret places, and […]

Dec 13
Voted top workshop in Berlin on TripAdvisor!

For five years now, and our first graffiti workshop in Berlin, we have come a long way and had the chance to share our culture with hundreds of street art and graffiti enthusiasts in Berlin, sharing unique moments with visitors from all over the world with whom we were able to exchange and discover graffiti! […]

Sep 28
Big group activities in Berlin: Our Graffiti workshop on the Berlin Wall

Creativity, professional organization, and the right location are essential for successful events for groups of any size (up to 150 people). Since we have been offering our graffiti workshops in Berlin for 5 years, we have the experience to meet your needs and organize your team building event, even for large groups! During our graffiti […]

Jan 28
Can you Graffiti the Berlin Wall?

The Berlin Wall is one of the most visited tourist attractions, and the thousands of tourists who come every year to visit this beautiful city would never think of leaving without seeing the famous Berlin Wall! And now it is also possible for anyone who wants to, business partners looking for a team building event, […]

Jan 14
What is a graffiti workshop in Berlin like? What experience can you expect?

It’s impossible to miss it, street art and graffiti are everywhere in Berlin! On walls, roofs, trains, and subways, legal, illegal, you can see all kinds and for all tastes, from the simple street stencil of an unknown artist to the largest pieces of the greatest Berlin street artists and even from around the world, […]