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Apr 17
Our street art workshop in Berlin – Photography and Graffiti Workshop on the Berlin Wall

Adding more memories to your Street-art workshop in Berlin by Clicking the right photographs It is still impossible to revisit the past, but technology has made it possible for everyone to at least remember those special moments through photographs and videos of the street art Berlin has to offer. That is why even the latest […]

Jun 10
Best Things To Do In Berlin – Our Graffiti Workshop

Graffiti is without a doubt one of the best things to do in Berlin Graffiti is an underground culture and without a doubt, one of the best things to do in Berlin. Only a few years after it all started, and became bigger and popular, it came on media and started to be visible for […]

May 26
Berlin Graffiti History, the guided street art tour in Berlin

Things to know about the Berlin Graffiti history, to discover during our guided tour Graffiti has a long history with scribbles on the walls being found across the world, almost everywhere on this planet. It certainly is one of the first forms of artistic expression, the first human attempt of creativity which has survived ages […]

Jan 18
Our street art workshop in Berlin: how we made our 500th client happy!

A unique street art experience in Berlin Our Team of passionate street artists has just served its five hundredth client, and it has fulfilled its promise of making the client satisfied and happy as much as it did with its first-ever client. After just one year of offering our unique street art workshop in Berlin, […]

Nov 01
The Berlin wall and street-art – Graffiti and the symbolic Berlin Wall

Why Is the Berlin Wall such an Important symbol for the city? East and West Berlin were divided by barbed wire and a concrete wall after the German Democratic Republic government of East Germany decided to stop the entry of fascists from the Western region of the city to the eastern part. This decision, made […]

Oct 02
Berlin Wall Graffiti – History of the Mauerpark

The famous Berlin Wall graffiti paintings come to life on the Mauerpark! The Mauerpark which translates to “wall park” is a famous a social, cultural, and artistic center of Berlin, which is located at the boundary of Prenzlauer Berg and the Gesundbrunnen district. This grassy park, which is a major tourist attraction, symbolizes a free […]