A unique creative workshop in Berlin: our graffiti workshop on the Berlin Wall

Creative worksop in berlin

Berlin is surely one of the most creative cities in the world and a leader of creative workshops and ideas in many art fields.

Creativity in Berlin is one of the main drivers of its evolution, whether it is in art with many artists’ studios from all over the world and representing all artistic disciplines, from graffiti to street art, contemporary painting, sculpture, performance, video, photography, architecture, and so many others! More pragmatic but at least as creative as every art domain, we can also mention the restaurant industry with all kinds of innovative establishments with new recipes mixing all horizons and making us discover unknown culinary delights from all over the world, with renowned chefs, and other emerging chefs but just as creative, bringing an unparalleled freshness and disrupting the established codes.

Clubs and music are also an inherent part of the constant creative momentum that drives Berlin, with such mythical clubs as the Berghain, one of the best-known representatives of that mythical era at the crossroads of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the first techno parties in the 80s that has influenced the party world ever since.

Creative workshops in Berlin: from graffiti workshop to street photography

Many workshops are offered in Berlin, and these are in all the fields mentioned above, from graffiti to modern dance. But what is the ultimate goal in participating in a workshop, and which creative workshop to choose, with whom?

A workshop, regardless of the field, creative or not, is meant to offer the participant a unique experience, as close as possible to the daily practice of the art, with qualified and experienced professionals, who want to share their passion with anyone interested in it.

Some workshops may be reserved for a certain social class, or for people who already have experience in a given field, or can bring along with their material, such as a photography workshop; for someone who does not have a camera, it would make barely sense to participate in it.

It can therefore be difficult to find the right workshop for one’s level of practice, in the vast offer in Berlin where so many creative workshops are offered, done by a great artist in their field.

We offer a creative workshop in the heart of Berlin, in one of the most symbolic places of this beautiful city, with qualified and experienced professionals.

Our workshop is open for everyone, whether you have experience in an artistic field or not, whether you are familiar with the practice of graffiti or not at all, it doesn’t matter, we offer you, during 2 hours to join a team of professionals who will offer you to discover graffiti and its techniques and then guide you to paint your first graffiti on the Berlin Wall, and help you boost your own creativity.

You don’t need to bring any materials, we will provide you with all the paint and protection you need to paint and be creative in your first graffiti on the Berlin Wall. We will also be happy to take pictures of you while you’re painting, so you will go home with the best souvenir ever, and do not need to think about taking pictures yourself during the workshop, so you can fully profit and enjoy your time together with us.

Feel free to get in touch per email via our contact form if you have any questions or want to book your Graffiti workshop with us, we will be happy to answer you.