Our Graffiti Workshop in Berlin; what makes our unique offer so special?

A unique Graffiti place in Europe: the remains of the Berlin Wall in the "Mauerpark"

Graffiti workshop in Berlin unique

Since the construction and fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, which until then separated the city and was the symbol in Germany of its separation into two countries in one nation, the “Mauerpark” has become 30 years later one of the last remnants to visit this separation.

All along the “Bernauer strasse”, it is possible to visit the Berlin Wall museum, the watchtowers that lined the wall and allowed the surveillance of possible candidates to flee to the west, the wall and what remains of it, and many commemorative plaques and photographs tracing the chronology of its manufacture until its destruction, and the hundreds of stories related to these years of despair for Germany and Berlin; many separated families, friends, lovers.

The “Mauerpark”, on the other hand, is less visited by tourists, because few people know that as its name suggests (“Mauerpark” in German translates as “the park of the wall”) it houses within it a remnant of the Berlin Wall!

This part of the wall is, since the fall of the wall, a particular meeting place of the graffiti culture of West Berlin and East Berlin. Indeed, the fall of the wall coincides with the explosion of hip hop culture in Europe, in Germany and especially in Berlin, a city still in the era of time despite the separation, each part of the city saw the emergence of this new culture from the U.S.: the Graffiti.

“Mauerpark” quickly became a meeting point for graffiti artists from all over the city, who in the days before the internet could only meet to exchange graffiti styles and other anecdotes related to this emerging culture.

It is to perpetuate the tradition of this powerful symbol of exchange and sharing that we have chosen to share with you the culture of graffiti during our workshops in this unique place in Berlin; as in the time when the internet did not exist, we will share with you stories and a vision of graffiti in Berlin that you will not find in books or on the internet.

Sharing our passion for graffiti in Berlin during our workshops

Like any culture and art movement, graffiti has developed and is still developing in Berlin as well as all over the world through the sharing within the community that makes this unique art practice evolve.

With over 15 years of experience in this field, we are able to share the best of our culture with you in our graffiti workshops, and to bring you into the vibrant life of a graffiti artist, sharing with you the techniques and stories of graffiti, in Berlin and around the world.

The best memories, in a photo report of your graffiti workshop with us

We strongly believe in living at the moment. As an artist, our memories are linked to our art and its practice; each graffiti painting makes us relive the feelings of the situation, bringing back the past and the moment as if it was yesterday.

The same process is set in motion when viewing photographs of our travels, and our graffiti; it is these sensations that we wish to share with you. No doubt you will remember your workshop with us, the laughs and the good times, but we want to offer you more than that. That’s why we offer you, during the whole workshop, the services of a professional photographer who will immortalize this unique moment spent together, painting and sharing the creation of graffiti on the Berlin Wall.

If you have any questions, please let us know via our contact form, we will be happy to provide you with an answer.