Alternative Graffiti Workshop in Berlin – Get in touch with the Graffiti culture

Alternative graffiti workshop in berlin

Alternative graffiti workshop in Berlin

There are many reasons people visit Berlin. Some come to enjoy the club culture and party for a weekend, others would come to visit monuments and museums, many people are coming to get into the underground culture of this famous city, but everyone wants to go back home after living a great experience that will connect them for the rest of the life to this amazing capital.

There are thousands of amazing kinds of stuff to see and to experience in Berlin, but escaping the classic touristic way is not that easy when one is here just for a few days in a city that has so much to offer.

You could stay here for months, weeks, or years, but getting deep into Berlin’s graffiti culture will be only possible if one takes you into it, and make you feel and understand what is graffiti and street art about.

Graffiti in Berlin: get into this amazing culture during our alternative graffiti workshop.

Graffiti exists in Berlin since the early ’80s, and is all over the city since that time; Berlin is a unique city in Europe due to the ammonite of artists, street artists, and graffiti artists visiting this wonderful city, making it a unique place to visit for everyone interested in underground culture, and especially in graffiti and street art.

As graffiti artists, we are part of that culture and want to share our love for this amazing art movement with you during one of our graffiti workshops in Berlin, making sure you experience the real graffiti; you will be painting your own graffiti as every street artists are doing, and learn all about it.#

What makes our graffiti workshop in Berlin a unique experience?

We will tell you the secrets, the history, and background of this wonderful underground culture during our unique graffiti workshop on the Berlin Wall and after learning to you a few technical’s basics about spray-painting you will, legally, of course, be able to draw the lines of your first graffiti, guide by us, making sure that you go back home with an amazing picture and an understanding for our graffiti culture.

What to expect during our Graffiti workshop?

Berlin is definitely full of Graffiti and street art. Anyone coming to visit it can feel the vibes of street art all around the city, on walls, trains, metros, rooftops, murals: Graffiti is everywhere in Berlin, everybody visiting the city get in touch with graffiti, in one way or the other!

During our alternative graffiti workshop in Berlin, you will be able to choose the name, slogan, or sentence you want to paint, and we will guide you during all processes of realizing your very first graffiti, becoming a real Berlin street artist!

Feel free to get in touch with us through our contact page, we will be happy to give you a fast answer, and we are looking forward to showing you our culture.