Graffiti as a team-building activity in Berlin: our graffiti workshop

Graffiti workshop in Berlin as company team-building activity

Team building activity in Berlin

There are thousands of team-building activities that companies and groups can do in order to improve their teamwork and unity as a team, and ultimately work more efficiently and productively. However, most of this team-building activity ends up merely as a getaway for employees to get a break from work. One unique idea for a team-building activity is attending a workshop on creating graffiti or spray-painting.

While it may not be as physically strenuous and demanding compared to swimming or camping, street art, spray-painting, or art, in general, provides a different type of enjoyment that is beyond physical pleasure. It offers emotional delight and even philosophical satisfaction. And it gets even better when a team gets the chance to perform it with a common purpose or shared sense of value. Creativity and teamwork run spontaneously in art project team building activities.

Advantage of a Graffiti workshop as team building event

Our Team members have over 15 years of experience in the field of Street Art and are active members of the Berlin scene. Each has distinct styles from where workshop participants can learn. You will be guided by the best Graffiti artists available in Berlin.

No art experience or skill is required for you to join the workshop. All people can take part. Our workshops are aimed at awakening the natural hidden artist inside each participant and unleash their artistic potential. And you will be astounded at what you and your colleagues can achieve!

As a team-building activity, our graffiti workshop in Berlin is geared towards fostering bonding, teamwork, and better communication between work colleagues, friends, or even families. There are individual activities for your own personal development, as well as group activities where teamwork and unity are developed.

Workshop participants are guaranteed to learn about authentic graffiti art in a safe, controlled, and compassionate environment. Graffiti can be illegal, especially when made in a public space without permission, which is tantamount to vandalism. Our workshops will give you a first-hand taste of how to make street art in permissible places and truly be part of the amazing culture of Graffiti and Street art in Berlin.

The Graffiti workshop we offer in Berlin as a Team building event

Our workshop kicks off with a brief lecture about street art, including a discussion of the basic skills. A blend of demonstration from trainers and individual practice is conducted for participants to learn the said skills. The workshops are customized to meet each group’s needs and learn different techniques. Participants in groups will then create their own masterpieces. With our proper trainers’ guidance, we assure you that you will be able to create a magnum opus of your own in just a short time, that will sure to startle anyone. You can then take photos of your masterworks and keep them for your own tribute.

Our unique graffiti workshop allows you to learn real skills that you can apply for your own corporate events or celebrations. So that the next time you need to prepare a background for your party or occasion, you can use a canvass as background and make the design yourself.

To get to know more about this amazing culture, feel free to write us an email using our contact page, for a unique Graffiti workshop in Berlin or a gift coupon to offer to your loved one. We give you the chance to Paint Your First Graffiti on the original Berlin Wall with your team!