Kids graffiti activity in berlin

One unique event for you: Our kid's Graffiti birthday in Berlin

One unique event for you: Our kid’s Graffiti birthday in Berlin

Graffiti has always existed, tags, stencils, have made the street art scene a renowned culture throughout the world. Nevertheless, it was in the ’70s that young New York artists with spray cans developed tagging and transformed it into stylized graffiti art. The most famous of them, TAKI 183 started to paint in the streets and the metros of New York City at the age of 13!

At its creation, Graffiti invented a new form of expression for these artists, in a panel of bright colors that seduce by their research and their originality, representing the young generation of New York City, before expanding to all the world.

Although born in illegality, graffiti has become an essential contemporary art and is nowadays known by all, and recognized by all as a form of Art. It is for this reason that we want you to discover this popular and urban movement that children and young people love so much.

Our Graffiti workshop, through an approach of the graffiti and street-art culture, the different techniques of the use of the spray can and the lettering, will allow everyone participating to realize a personal or collective work, by impregnating themselves with the history and the evolution of the Graffiti movement; of course, legally!

It’s also the perfect tool to convey strong messages and work on important values with children and young people, and the ideal activity to celebrate their birthday with all their friends in Berlin!

Implementation of the kid’s graffiti workshop

During our Kids Graffiti workshop in Berlin, we propose to the children to realize their own graffiti on the theme of their choice and to realize an individual or collective original work, by mixing letters and drawings of their comic’s heroes, or of their favorite movies. This is a time of group reflection for them, so they find together with their friends what they want to paint.

Once they choose a theme, we will show them how to use the spray paint, and design their own graffiti. After that, it’s time for them to express their own creativity, of course under our guidance, so that they are sure to get a great result, and a wonderful group picture in front of their first graffiti on the Berlin Wall.

To immortalize this moment, we also propose you a photographic report of the workshop as you can see here in our photo gallery, made and retouched by a professional photographer.

Graffiti is very easy to do, that’s why kids can join us as soon as they are able to hold spray paint in their hands!

If you have any questions about our Graffiti workshop in Berlin, feel free to email us, we will be happy to help you.