Our street art workshop in Berlin – Photography and Graffiti Workshop on the Berlin Wall

Adding more memories to your Street-art workshop in Berlin by Clicking the right photographs

It is still impossible to revisit the past, but technology has made it possible for everyone to at least remember those special moments through photographs and videos of the street art Berlin has to offer. That is why even the latest Smartphones and devices come with high-resolution cameras so that you can capture whatever moment you find worth the memory. More importantly, taking photographs becomes a priority and a duty, when you are traveling to exotic places.

As a tourist, you certainly would love to keep those photographs as souvenirs for long days to come. And if you are an artist who wants to remember all the graffiti art he painted while traveling, you should surely take photographs. Certainly, you will never want to display those pictures out in the open because in many places graffiti is considered an illegal act. So, even if you want to hide them, as a graffiti artist, you will surely love to take some pictures.

The well-known Berlin Wall and Street-art workshop connection

The capital of Germany, the city of Berlin, has a long history of wars, feuds, historic rise, and the Berlin Wall. Just as the Wall depicts the reunion of East and West Berlin, it also is well known for “Street Art” or “Graffiti”. Both sides of the Wall have beautiful designs and paintings that have been drawn over the years ever since the Wall was built in 1961.

The Western Graffiti designs are a bit older and have an American influence, whereas the wall facing Eastern Berlin has more recent drawings and creations. When you look at the Berlin Wall, you simply cannot stop yourself from looking at the paintings and drawings on this massive canvas. But while you do so, since the painting is on the wall, you cannot carry your own creation home.

That is why, most of the people who create some wonderful street art here, during our Graffiti workshop, take photographs of their art so that they can cherish them as souvenirs.

Shooting Street-art photographs the right way during our workshop

There are certain things that will ensure that the photographs of your Graffiti look just wonderful and appealing. It is always better to choose a good spot that receives adequate sunshine so that you can paint properly and achieve a vibrant combination of colors and designs. When you are photographing your graffiti, make sure that the weather conditions are also supportive.

Taking a photo during the night or at dusk or dawn may not be a good idea. Similarly, you should avoid taking photographs during the daytime, when the weather is rough or with black clouds lingering in the sky, as you may not be able to shoot the Graffiti pictures the way you want. Capturing the essence of the art is also art in itself.

Check from all sides and then decide a particular angle for taking your Graffiti photograph so that it can bring out the essence of what you have drawn prominently. You can learn to draw graffiti by taking classes at our Graffiti Workshop in Berlin, and proudly take photographs of it.

To get to know more about this amazing culture, feel free to write us an email using our contact page, for a unique Graffiti workshop experience in Berlin. Or get a gift card to offer to your loved one. We give you the chance to paint your first graffiti on the original Berlin Wall!