Our street art workshop in Berlin: how we made our 500th client happy!

A unique street art experience in Berlin

PaintYourFirstGraffiti is proud to announce, that we made our 500th client happy by providing a fantastic street art workshop in Berlin

Our Team of passionate street artists has just served its five hundredth client, and it has fulfilled its promise of making the client satisfied and happy as much as it did with its first-ever client. After just one year of offering our unique street art workshop in Berlin, we made our 500th client happy! And we would like to share this important milestone with you!

People have been saying it. We are the best graffiti and street art workshop in Berlin.

And we attribute this compliment and commendation to our team members.

The people behind Paintyourfirstgraffiti.com are not your commercialized teachers or mentors who studied. Our people are original graffiti artists, who have been graffitiing all over the globe for more than fifteen years. And even if we are now engaged in the legitimate business of holding workshops to share and impart the art of graffiti, we still actively take part in the bustling Street-Art and graffiti scene of Berlin. Each member of our team has his or her own distinctive style and panache in doing our design. And this makes our people stand out from the rest.

While street art and graffiti is our passion, we execute and complete our art with much freedom and autonomy without limits. We give our workshop a more disciplined and professional approach by providing a nice and friendly atmosphere to connect people, our clients from anywhere in the world, and come together to bring art.

However, our workshop program is individually customized, because we believe that art is a highly personal form of expression and endeavor. We take on each client one by one to meet their specific objectives, special requirements, and needs.

Our 500th client, who finished the workshop with content and utmost joy, is a reassurance milestone for us. It reflects that the quality of our services, which we have maintained since we started. And it also serves as our strong foundation upon which we will build the success of our future.

We realigned the purpose of our graffiti workshop as more than just a practical training experience for people to learn how to create graffiti.

Check here our TripAdvisor feedback page, and see what other people say about us.

We are teaching our clients how graffiti and street art serve as a channel for the expression of oneself especially one’s opinion or perspective on issues, as a means of entertainment, as a therapeutic activity to heal one’s mental or emotional health, or as a means to socially bond with people.

With our five hundredth client being happy, it means, that we have successfully helped 500 people learn to appreciate and perform street art, whether as a means of expression or a method of healing. We take pride in playing a part in these people in improving their lives, and we remain supportive and open to all of them for whatever they may need as they continue with their own individual journeys, whether as independent artists or ordinary people.

While our over 15 years of experience in street art is beyond praise, the expertise that we have accumulated after dealing with our 500th client is also unmatched. With this, we can now more than ever claim that we have the experience to assist you in your needs to better learn and practice street art. We also like to thank you, our clients, for your continued support as we all move forward for better days ahead.