The best idea for a team building event in Berlin, our graffiti workshop


As one of the most attractive cities in Europe for companies and start-ups, Berlin is full of different ideas for team-building events, and different ideas for activities to do together. The offer across the city makes choosing a particular activity quite difficult.

How to choose a team-building activity that fits your team, and that will delight everyone and leave your team with an unforgettable memory?

The best team-building event idea in Berlin, our graffiti workshop

What will make a successful team-building activity?

From our point of view, the key to the success of a team building activity is that it involves the whole group, allowing each team member to contribute their own ideas and initiatives in the realization of a common project, and to complete and succeed in this project together as they usually do in their daily work, but for a fun and enjoyable event!

Our graffiti workshop in Berlin is without a doubt the best and most creative team-building event to offer your team!

Our idea for your event: our graffiti workshop on the Berlin Wall

We propose you join us, without limits as to the number of participants, and paint in all legality a rest of the authentic Berlin Wall located at the “Mauerpark”, for a unique, creative, and original team-building event!

Our workshop will start with an introduction to graffiti and its culture. Then we’ll let you decide together what you want to paint on the Berlin Wall, a word, a phrase, your logo, or whatever you want, that represents you as a team and brings you together.

After you’ve drawn that word, phrase, or sentence on the wall, we’ll then explain how to handle the spray cans, provide you with protective gloves, and then let you start painting your very first graffiti, all together as a team.

The creative part of the graffiti will be completely free, and you can totally choose how to decorate, arrange and embellish it until you get a result you like.

We will then guide you through the process, until the end of the graffiti, and then we will take a group photo of your graffiti so that all the members of your team keep an unforgettable memory of this moment spent together in this Team building event.

Thanks to our many years of graffiti and street art practice around the world, we know that documenting an event like this is important for the whole team.

That’s why, in addition to the necessary material for the workshop (paint, spray paint, and protective gloves) which is included in the price, we add a service of taking professional quality photos. Indeed, our guides are also professional photographers who will take the best possible pictures throughout your team building event with us, so that you don’t have to worry about its documentation, and that you are sure to be able to distribute them to each member of your team after the workshop.

The day after the workshop, we will send you this selection of reworked, edited photos of the event, so you will remember the best team-building idea you have had so far; our graffiti workshop in Berlin!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write to us, we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.