Voted top workshop in Berlin on TripAdvisor!

For five years now, and our first graffiti workshop in Berlin, we have come a long way and had the chance to share our culture with hundreds of street art and graffiti enthusiasts in Berlin, sharing unique moments with visitors from all over the world with whom we were able to exchange and discover graffiti!

We have been elected the number one workshop and class in Berlin by the famous website Trip Advisor, and we are very proud of it!

A Graffiti Workshop was elected number one of the workshops in Berlin!

Indeed, we were very surprised when we received an e-mail from the TripAdvisor quality team telling us that we had become number one in Berlin.

Our graffiti workshops on the Berlin Wall with you are indeed unique; we are the only ones to offer this experience, which will allow you to legally do your first graffiti on an original remnant of the Berlin Wall.

Since our beginnings in graffiti, 20 years ago, we could never have imagined that years later this urban culture could bring together people who are not part of this movement and make them want to try by themselves to paint their first pieces of Street Art!

Indeed, it is only a short time ago that this urban culture has gone from being a “sub-culture” to a well-established status of urban culture, just like rap for example.

Graffiti is the most popular art movement in the world, can be seen everywhere on walls, trains, in the street, in galleries, and on rooftops, is and will remain forever in its pure essence, an urban, illegal and artistic practice, which not everyone can or wants to participate in because of its illegality and the legal consequences, which can arise from the peak of the intense practice, of this urban art.

However, the workshop allows anyone to experience, as a real graffiti artist, the conception, elaboration, and realization of graffiti on a wall in order to allow people to understand what it is to paint graffiti.

A graffiti workshop for a moment of pleasure in Berlin!

Beyond the cultural and instructive aspect that our workshops bring to our visitors, it is obviously a unique moment of pleasure and sharing around a totally free and personalized artistic creation.

Hundreds of people who have participated in one of our workshops can attest to the fact that painting your very first graffiti on the Berlin Wall is a very cool and unique experience to do with your colleagues, as part of a team-building experience, as a couple, with friends, for a bachelor or bachelorette party, or any other good reason that will make you join us for this unique experience and this moment of sharing around graffiti.

If you too would like to leave your mark on the Berlin Wall by painting your very first graffiti like a real graffiti artist, don’t hesitate to contact us by email. We will be happy to answer you quickly.