Big group activities in Berlin: Our Graffiti workshop on the Berlin Wall

Creativity, professional organization, and the right location are essential for successful events for groups of any size (up to 150 people).

Since we have been offering our graffiti workshops in Berlin for 5 years, we have the experience to meet your needs and organize your team building event, even for large groups!

During our graffiti workshop in Berlin, we will do our best to meet your demands and to make sure that you and your team have the best possible time together, without you having to worry about anything else than having fun together.

Where and how will your big group activity take place?

We will meet you at a unique location in Berlin: The Mauerpark. This legendary place is the only one in the capital to offer, since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the possibility to paint your Graffiti, legally, with your whole team.

Whether your group is 10 or 150 people, we offer you the possibility to paint all at the same time! Indeed, the rest of the Berlin Wall present on site is almost 300 meters long, which will allow you to realize all together your first group graffiti, which will become a unique and gigantic work, while remaining fun and easy to realize under the guidance, step by step, of our expert guides in graffiti and street art who will accompany you throughout the process.

At the end of the 1.5 hour workshop, you’ll leave with a group photo posing in front of your first piece of street art, which you can print and hang in your office.

Moreover, the park is very central and easy to access by public transportation with many metro and tramway lines that will drop you off at the entrance of the park, by car (there is a parking lot at the entrance of the park), and by bus.

What do you need to bring for your event with us?

Nothing! We know how difficult and stressful it is to organize events, especially with a large team. That’s why we do everything we can to make it easy for you by bringing absolutely everything you need to do your group graffiti and enjoy your event with us.
You won’t even have to worry about taking pictures, because we will take care of it during the whole activity and will send you, the next day, a link allowing you to download a large collection of photos reworked and edited by a professional photographer, as you can see on our photo gallery.

Our motto for small or large group team building events: flexibility!

Our motto is flexibility and ease 😉 We know that it is sometimes difficult to adapt to last minute changes that may occur, especially for large groups, and we always make it a point to be flexible. That’s why we guarantee a quick response to your emails and calls, and a great flexibility in the organization of your group event, especially in terms of schedule.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email to allow us to bring you a fast and precise answer in the planning of your group event!