What is a graffiti workshop in Berlin like? What experience can you expect?

What is a Graffiti workshop in Berlin?

It’s impossible to miss it, street art and graffiti are everywhere in Berlin! On walls, roofs, trains, and subways, legal, illegal, you can see all kinds and for all tastes, from the simple street stencil of an unknown artist to the largest pieces of the greatest Berlin street artists and even from around the world, who came to Berlin to leave their mark on this unique city, full of the culture of all kinds, even the most underground such as graffiti.

However, how can you discover and learn about Graffiti through our workshop in Berlin?

Whether you come to Berlin as a couple, with friends, with your family, or for a team building event with your company, the graffiti workshop we offer will allow you to share a unique moment, together, to dive into the creation of your first graffiti, legally, on the Berlin Wall!

Since its beginnings in the ’70s and 80s, graffiti rhymes with sharing, conviviality, and fun, as much as it rhymes with creativity, originality, and colors. Street art and graffiti, in particular, have always brought together artists from the same street, the same neighborhood, a country, and even the whole world, who organize themselves in groups in order to paint together and push back the limits of this unique underground culture. Indeed, although some graffiti artists paint alone, most graffiti artists act in groups, sharing their different inspirations, graphic ideas in order to realize the best graffiti possible, those for now more than 40 years.

40 years of Graffiti, in Berlin and around the world.

If you read our article about the graffiti scene in New York, you can see how important this culture has become in our daily lives, as well as in the art world. Indeed, there is no artistic trend as influential and followed in the entire world as Graffiti and Street art! And the institutionalization of this culture, which remained underground for a long time, has only just begun; museums open all over the world (the graffiti museum in Miami is the 2nd most visited attraction in Florida, just after Disneyland!), galleries specialize in street art and graffiti, the world of fashion is seizing these codes by displaying collections in collaboration with artists who design their clothing lines… Everyone knows, and wants to know even more about graffiti!

It is in the continuity of this movement and in a spirit of sharing that we propose you paint your own graffiti together. As we do, you will first decide with your group what you want to paint, a message, a slogan, a word, or any other idea that you would like to share together, once this is chosen we will guide you step by step in the realization of your own graffiti. In order to make an impression on you, you can look at our photo gallery, pictures often speak louder than a long text!

During our unique workshop in Berlin, we offer you the opportunity to discover graffiti from the inside with real street artists; indeed, who better to introduce you to this amazing underground culture than artists with more than 15 years of experience in the field?

We will be delighted if you join us, to share with us this unique moment of creation on the Berlin Wall. If you have any questions, contact us by email, we will be happy to answer you quickly.