Jan 28
Can you Graffiti the Berlin Wall?

The Berlin Wall is one of the most visited tourist attractions, and the thousands of tourists who come every year to visit this beautiful city would never think of leaving without seeing the famous Berlin Wall! And now it is also possible for anyone who wants to, business partners looking for a team building event, […]

Jan 14
What is a graffiti workshop in Berlin like? What experience can you expect?

It’s impossible to miss it, street art and graffiti are everywhere in Berlin! On walls, roofs, trains, and subways, legal, illegal, you can see all kinds and for all tastes, from the simple street stencil of an unknown artist to the largest pieces of the greatest Berlin street artists and even from around the world, […]

Oct 20
Our unique Art workshop in Berlin

Immerse yourself in the world of graffiti and street art with our unique art workshop in Berlin. Enjoy individual instruction for you, your children, your friends in a group or simply for a fun and creative company team building. What to expect during our Street Art Workshop in Berlin In our art workshop, you can […]

Aug 16
Where can I do graffiti in Berlin? Legally and safely?

Graffiti in Berlin The history of graffiti in Berlin dates back to the early 1980s, when the first graffiti artists appeared and the first trains, walls and subways were painted in Berlin’s graffiti history. Graffiti started in several cities in the United States at the same time, especially in New York and Philadelphia, where hip […]

Aug 09
Our Graffiti Workshop in Berlin; what makes our unique offer so special?

A unique Graffiti place in Europe: the remains of the Berlin Wall in the “Mauerpark” Since the construction and fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, which until then separated the city and was the symbol in Germany of its separation into two countries in one nation, the “Mauerpark” has become 30 years later one […]

Jul 31
A unique creative workshop in Berlin: our graffiti workshop on the Berlin Wall

Berlin is surely one of the most creative cities in the world and a leader of creative workshops and ideas in many art fields. Creativity in Berlin is one of the main drivers of its evolution, whether it is in art with many artists’ studios from all over the world and representing all artistic disciplines, […]

Jul 22
Alternative Graffiti Workshop in Berlin – Get in touch with the Graffiti culture

Alternative graffiti workshop in Berlin There are many reasons people visit Berlin. Some come to enjoy the club culture and party for a weekend, others would come to visit monuments and museums, many people are coming to get into the underground culture of this famous city, but everyone wants to go back home after living […]

Jul 07
How Graffiti Started – Learn more about our Graffiti tour in Berlin

Graffiti beginning in Berlin Graffiti, as we know it now, began in Philadelphia, in the 60s. In 1955, graffiti started appearing in New York City. Around 1970 the center of graffiti culture moved from Philadelphia to New York City, with legends as TAKI 183 and Tracy 168 following. They were using a name combining their […]

Jul 07
Kids graffiti activity in berlin

One unique event for you: Our kid’s Graffiti birthday in Berlin Graffiti has always existed, tags, stencils, have made the street art scene a renowned culture throughout the world. Nevertheless, it was in the ’70s that young New York artists with spray cans developed tagging and transformed it into stylized graffiti art. The most famous […]

Jun 13
Graffiti as a team-building activity in Berlin: our graffiti workshop

Graffiti workshop in Berlin as company team-building activity There are thousands of team-building activities that companies and groups can do in order to improve their teamwork and unity as a team, and ultimately work more efficiently and productively. However, most of this team-building activity ends up merely as a getaway for employees to get a […]